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Mon Sep 16 17:05:38 EST 1996

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>There's just one problem with the pGEM-T vector - it no longer exists!
>I had designed all my primers around it, but when I 'phoned them up to
>order some more yesterday I was told that it had been withdrawn due to a
>patent dispute!  To everybody else who is a current user of pGEM-T...
>jeez, just run for the hills, that's all I can think of. 

Nah, just run for your (approved) thermocycler.  Since pGEM-T is
just pGEM-5Zf(+) cut with EcoRV and T-tailed you can make as much
as you want (I think there are procedures in the FAQ based on Taq/dTTP
or other enzymes and ddTTP).
	If you are lucky and your insert doesn't have an EcoRV site
you can do a blunt ligation in the presence of EcoRV (much the same
as Stratagene's pCR-Script and their rarer cutting SrfI).
	Clone to your heart's content...

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