Qiagen refuses to tell!

Eric Lader lader at ambion.com
Mon Sep 16 21:48:57 EST 1996

sam.michaelson at dsto.defence.gov.au writes:
>I think the point is that if you know what is in the reagents, then 
>firstly, in an emergency situation, e.g. 
>you can, if you have to, make them up yourself.  Secondly, in a situation 
>where results are not turning out as expected, then an understanding of 
>what's in a kit and how it works means that you are probably more in a 
>position to undertake systematic and reasonably intelligent 

Tough call usually. We replace spilled or 'run out of' components all the
time. Unlikely someone spills an entire kit.  Most of the time, what's in
the bottle is what you think it is. If theres a problem with a component
of a kit, you can bet we've heard about it before and can help someone
deal with it.

Qiagen sees your point, you see their point. Everyones happy.

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