Type I Restriction endo-nucleases

Nicolas Cermakian cermakin at bch.umontreal.ca
Mon Sep 16 12:21:05 EST 1996

ant at molbiol.uct.ac.za (Anthony Smith) wrote:
> Hi 
> Can anyone out there help me by pointing me to a reference where I can 
> obtain the recognition site of of EcoK or EcoB type I RE. If you just know 
> the recognition sequence thats OK!
> Thanks 
> Ant Smith
> Department of Microbiology
> University of Cape Town
> ant at molbiol.uct.ac.za
> ----------------------------------------------------------------------
> Anthony Smith
> Dept. Microbiology
> University of Cape Town
> South Africa
> Ant at molbiol.uct.ac.za

Try REBASE (restriction enzyme database on the internet, maintained by NEB)
or contact directly New England Biolabs. good luck.

guy Tremblay
universite de Montreal

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