Idaho cycler

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Tue Sep 17 23:39:15 EST 1996

This (Light Cycler) machine is too new to have many users.   I represent them
in  California, and the first two orders here are being delivered.  First
deliveries were in July.

The standard model Idaho Rapid Cycler has had very reliable record in all of
the installations I've seen.  Rugged engineering and uncomplicated design
helps.  I remember an internet  note last week from a happy user--I'm sure
you will get some other replies.  As far as workhorse, one lab in Wisconsin
has two units doing RAPD analysis at the rate of 1000 samples per unit per

The difference between the Rapid Cycler and the LIght Cycler is a rotating
turntable and a fluorometer.  The rotating components have had severe testing
without failure; the fluorometer has no moving parts.    This should provide
long term reliability, but you will not find any record of units as they are
too new.  

Same problem with the competition--ABI's model 7700, which has begun delivery
this year--maybe none that have been in use a full year yet.  

Walt Schick

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