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> > Dear Netter:
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> >     I have bought a Expand Long Template PCR System and a Expand High
> > Fidelity PCR System From Boehringer Mannheim. I wish I could use
> > these kits to amplify and clone a gene about 10kb from bovine genome
> > DNA. But I do not know which kind end be produced in the PCR products
> > if we use those Expand systems.  Can I use the T-vctor to clone the
> > PCR products? Do you have any literature on amplifing and cloning
> > the DNA by using those Expand systems?

> > 
> The data sheets for the Expand High Fidelity say that the enzyme
> produces a mixture of blunt and T-overhang ends, like Taq. So youshould
> be able to use T/A cloning. I haven't personally done T/A cloning with
> this enzyme(s); we use it for it's proof reading in mutagenesis and cut
> the ends of the PCR products.

yes, you can use T/A cloning. i've used kits from both invitrogen and promega 
with success. good luck.


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