Does anyone have any references on the stability of dNTP?

Wolfgang Schechinger diabetes at
Tue Sep 17 10:01:41 EST 1996


I can't tell you an exact number of freezing-thawing cycles. But that
shouldn't be the problem. We store the stuff in 50 or 100µl aliquots
of wich 1µl is used per reaction. Thus, let's say, there may be 10 or
20 cycles.
On the other hand, The dNTPs won't crack down at once. there will be
some hydrolysis esp when dissolved in water, not TE or other buffers,
but this might be only a problem when dNTP conc is *absolutely*
critical, e.g in quantitative PCR. If you use PCR for just amplifying
fragments, there are other factors that might be more important like
age of polymerase, suitability of primers, quality and amount of
template, contaminations, etc. . If you don't make PCRs just once a
year or so, dNTP degradation shouldn't make any problem. But, if you
think that you're dNTPs are not OK, its best to throw them away
because they're the cheapest after the pcr buffer. 
If you forgot your dNTPs on the bench over the weekend and there's
still much in the cup, then run a test with a template you know to

BTW, if you have a special question to someone's post, it may be good
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the question really addressed to her/him and really answered by
her/him, too. Many people won't alway watch even their favourite
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