BioCAD FPLC Workstation

Dima Klenchin klenchin at
Tue Sep 17 10:12:16 EST 1996

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   kclark at (Kevin Clark) wrote:
->Does anybody know how well the BioCAD FPLC 700E Workstation from
->PerSeptive Biosystems UK performs and is it a good purchase. Has anyone
->had any problems because we are thinking of buying one.
->Any info greatly appreciated

We have it in the lab. Some people love it. I hate. Basically,
it's not very flexible and is very awkward to use (everything is
computerized and the logic of the interface is even worse than
Pharmacia's). I'd stick with more expensice stuff from Pharmacia -
there you at least see everything vs BioCAD which is black box.

Technically, the main difference from Pharmacia's FPLC is a method
of gradient forming: one pump + valve in BioCAD vs 2 pumps in FPLC.

- Dima

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