direct sequencing (35S) from PCR product

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> Is direct sequencing of pcr products a possibility using 35S manual 
> sequencing?  The Sequenase protocol seems to keep popping up as a 
> useful tool for direct sequencing, but most people seem to be using an 
> automated system or 32P.  Ideally, I'd like to find a way to 35S 
> sequence directly from a pcr product of ~400bp.  Am I dreaming?	
> Yvonne Barnes
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   It can be done. The biggest problem that I had was getting enough PCR
product to serve as template in the reaction. In the end, I cut out the
bands from the first amplification (we were characterizing alternatively
spliced products), reamplified each individually duplicate or triplicate,
then pooled the sets of reactions and used a Centricon filter unit to
remove primers and dNTPs. The results were not great, but adequate to
determine the site of the palice junction, as all the sequence was known. 

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