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> I would be very interested in getting plasmid pMC1871 (Shapira et al.,
> 1983), a plasmid with BamHI-excisable intact lacZ gene.
> Can someone make it available or indicate a commercial source?
> Thanks in advance,
> Joao
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   Pharmacia sells the plasmid, but it is NOT an intact lacZ gene, the
amino terminal ca. 7 amino acids are missing. Thus, you need to tack on at
least an initiator codon, best if it is within a context favorable for
translation in your organism of interest. 

   We have taken the pMC1871 lacZ cassette and added an amino terminus
that is fairly well optimized for expression in mammalian cells (see
Biochem. Mol. Biol. Int. 36:483-490, 1995). The entire coding sequence can
be excised with a number of enzymes, such as HindIII or SalI, but you
would need to do a partial digest with BamHI. 

   Feel free to email me if you need more information.

   Pam Norton

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