PCR reaction (polymerase mixtures)

Darren Tyson tysondr at sluvca.slu.edu
Wed Sep 18 11:50:45 EST 1996

Loesch-Fries Lab wrote:
> Hi,
> I plan to do primer mediated mutagenesis  using PCR.
> Is there anybody who use Vent polymerase for primer extension?
> If yes then have you used mixture of vent and Taq (from promega)?
> If yes then what and how did you mex each other?
> Does the mixture work well?
> Thanx
> JI

I use Pfu from Stratagene (when it's not backordered!) to minimize
mutations.  It's worked for me.

Many companies are now selling mixed enzymes; check Gibco-BRL
(Life Technologies) and Promega.


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