Digital Capture from Scanning Spec

Tim Legerton info at
Thu Sep 19 13:50:52 EST 1996

Hi all!

We have an old scanning fluorescence spectrophotometer (Perkin-Elmer
650-10S) that sends the data as an analog signal to a chart recorder.
We want to capture the data in digital form in order to get numerical
assay data instead of scans.  I gather we need an analog-to-digital
converter which I believe is available as a plug-in card for a PC.  My
questions are, has anyone out there tried this sort of thing and do
you have any advice for us as to who makes these cards and what the
pitfalls are of this sort of modification?  We're molecular
biologists, not computer jocks.  You can email me at
bamsden at

Bruce Amsden

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