Analysis of scatchard plots: seeking for approriate software

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"Andrew J. Doherty" <doherty at> wrote:

>Yes, there's plenty of software out there to analyse this sort of data.
>I've used EBDA, Enzfitter and also InPlot (from GraphPad). EBDA is a
>purely Scatchard analysis package while InPlot and Enzfitter are general
>curve fitting programs, which will fit data to any equation you write.
>Both EBDA and InPlot do f-test analysis to determine if 1 or 2-site
>models give the best fit to the data. EBDA was excellent in terms of the
>analysis, but horrible to use (this was a few years ago now, so there
>may be more user-friendly versions around now), while InPlot had it's
>limitations, but was very simple to use. "You pay your money and take
>your choice" as they say. Also, many of the figure drawing packages,
>like SigmaPlot (PC) or Kaleidograph (Mac) have non-linear curve fitting
>protocols, for which you can write your own equations, but in my humble
>opinion, they're not as good as a dedicated data analysis package. You
>should be able to get most of these from most scientific software

>Hope this helps 
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In your reply about analysis of the Scatchard plots, you mention
programs which can analyze your data and curve fit it for the equation
you enter. Do you also have suggestions for those equations?

I'm working on combinations of three hormones which have an
adipokinetic effect and I'm also trying to use my data to find out if
it fits best in a one, a two or even a three receptor model, in which
maybe these three hormones may even interact with receptors of the
other two.
Does anyone have any suggestions for models which I can use during
curve fitting to find out if the system resembles a one or more
receptor model? 
I use Sigma plot to analyse my data.


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