hybaid: useless machines

Sandra Pena De Ortiz spenadeo at lonestar.jpl.utsa.edu
Thu Sep 19 09:03:56 EST 1996

On 17 Sep 1996, Too Heng-Phon wrote:

>      I wonder if there are other frustrated users of this hopeless 
> collections of junks.  I have been struggling to get my Hybaid rotiserrie 
> (both rotating tubes and rocker) to work consistently for the past two 
> years.  It breaks down so frequently that the repair engineer here knows 
> us by our nick names.
>     If there are any machines out there that is more reliable that this 
> piece of ****, please let me know.  Cheers for the help and becareful in 
> using HYbaid (we had PCR machines that blows up too).

I have a Hybaid oven in my lab which we have used for more than two years 
and it has never given us problems.  We use it on average 3 times a month 
and we are extremely happy with its performance.

Sandra Pena de Ortiz, Ph.D>

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