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Thu Sep 19 08:00:09 EST 1996

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> Has anybody heard of a reverse Northern I cannot find it in Current
> Protocols but it was referred to briefly in a journal article?
> 	Help,
> 	Mario Javier

I don't know about everyone else, but when we use the term "reverse
northern", we are usualy refering to the use of cDNA probes to probe a
plasmid.  We do this when subcloning a plasmid which was a positive clone
from differential hybridization.  The plasmid is digested with a series of
different enzymes in different combinations, and then probed with cDNA to
try to get a fragment containing as much as possible of the open reading
frame.  If you have the reference, I would appreciate seeing the paper,
until now, I thought reverse northern was just some lab jargon that nobody
else used.

Hope this helps.

Brian Cohen
Albany Medical College
Albany, NY 

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