Phage Display of cytosolic Protein

Thomas Weber tomweber at
Thu Sep 19 08:02:48 EST 1996

Hi there,
I want to display a cytosolic protein, and thereafter random mutants 
of it, as a fusion protein with a protein of a filamentous phage, much 
like petide libraries.

Here my questions:

has anyone of you out there ever done this and what was your 
experience with the nonreducing environment that the usually cytosolic 
proteins are now exposed to ?

What is the best vector (phagemid) to use and where can I get it from 

Did any of you ever use the expression module of the Pharmacia 
Recombinant Phage display Antibody System (RPAS) for a similar 
purpose, and how are your experiences ?

Thanks for your input


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