Does anyone have any references on the stability of dNTP?

Dr. Duncan Clark duncan at
Fri Sep 20 09:31:45 EST 1996

In article <graham.843083722 at>, Jim Graham
<graham at> writes
>I've routinely reconstituted NTPs from Pharmacia powders as 100 mM stocks
>in water, and subjected them to literally hundreds of freeze-thaw cycles 
>without apparent decline in ability to serve as subtrates for in vitro 
>transcription. However, this doesn't mean that such decay does not occur, 
>merely that I have not observed it. :)

dNTP's go off quite rapidly as powders something about
disproportionation reactions according to Pharmacia. About 1-2%
dinucleotides formed per day. I've never noticed a problem with liquid
stocks even after a year at 4C.


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