Amp stock survival?

Trevor Fenning trevor.fenning at
Fri Sep 20 03:47:17 EST 1996

     Hi There,
     Not long is the answer  - ampicillin goes off very fast indeed (half 
     life at 37oC = 18 hours) even without resistant bacteria degrading it, 
     so don't kep stocks at room temp, or even in the fridge.  
     I keep 1000x stocks made up in 1 ml aliquots at -20 which seem to 
     last, although they will deterioate eventually.  If you are using it 
     to select for transformants, always include controls of 
     non-resistant/non transformed cells on the amp media.  That way you 
     will notice any loss of effectiveness early.
     Trevor Fenning,  HRI - Wellesbourne.

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Subject: Amp stock survival?
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Date:    9/19/96 3:18 PM

   How long can you leave an Amp stock 100X at room temp before you should
toss it?  Can you tell I made a boo-boo?

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