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This is a message for Paul Hengen: we lose! (see below)
With apologies to those who haven't followed (or didn't care about) the 
previous debate on the sense/antisense terminology.

On 21 Sep 1996, Gene Huh wrote:

[big snip]
>      I actually dislike the term "Reverse Northern" the way I have seen it
> used, primarily because it is jargon-derived jargon.  I mean, in many
> cases, cDNA is used to probe DNA on dotblots.  Seems like a Southern to me
> :).  I wish there were a better term (e.g., Eberwein's lab also uses the
> term "expression profiling", which seems more accurate in that context).  
>      Incidentally, while I am getting off my soapbox <g>,  I was wondering
> if anyone else out there has had luck with the technique Eberwein's lab
> describes.  Briefly, a T7 RNA polymerase promoter-oligo dT primer was used
> to make ds-cDNA.  T7 RNA polymerase was then used to generate aRNA
          ^^^^^^^^(the funniest thing is I *do* know what you mean!)
> (antisense RNA, same sequence as first strand cDNA).  The process may be
   ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^(this one for Paul)
> repeated (ds-cDNA synthesis followed by T7 transcription) to reamplify the
> original starting mRNA population.  Apparently, the degree of
> amplification can potentially be up to a few orders of magnitude for each
> cDNA/transcription cycle.  Any comments?
> Apologizing for my semantic nitpicking and 
                     ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^Gene! Huh? (Sorry for this...)
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