Hygromycin B and Cells

dreamer at super.zippo.com dreamer at super.zippo.com
Mon Sep 23 15:16:24 EST 1996

gjenkins at facstaff.wisc.edu (Glenn Jenkins) wrote:

>I have never heard of using hygro in bacteria. Although I have no idea
>what plasmid you are using. Are you sure this gene has a bacteral promoter
>in front of it? Typically Hygro is used for mammalian cells at a
>around 200 ug/ml. You should titrate this amount on non-transfected cells
>first to be sure.


Hygromycin is regularly used to select for plasmids in Streptomyces,
which are Gram+ bacteria, at a concentration of 100ug/ml. Works very
well. The only problem is that it is expensive!

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