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> What I'm missing is exactly what a RN (reverse northern) is supposed to be,
> and who started this wacky terminology? Is it blotted cDNA probed with labeled
> RNA? What is Eberwein technology?

My concept of an RN (others may differ) is that of dot/slot blotted,
cloned cDNA sequences that are then probed with radiolabeled cDNA.  The
probe cDNA is reverse transcribed from total or poly(A) RNA.  Hence the
signal on a slot blot reflects the relative abundance of the mRNA
represented by the cDNA in that particular slot.  Yes, it's a little
wacky, which was my point to begin with :).  "Eberwein technology" was my
shorthand for a variant of "RN" where the cDNA used as a probe is first
converted to RNA (via T7 transcription) before probing.  

Hope this helps?
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