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> hey netters:
>    I've been working on a method to isolate proteins comprising a putative
> complex using an antibody to a single known protein in the complex. I've
> prepared polyclonal antibodies to the target protein, then I've affinity
> purified these antibodies and coupled them to a protein A bed (using DMP
> as a covalent coupling reagent). Then I've taken extracts from appropriate
> cells that we have previously shown express the target protein and passed
> them across the bed to isolate the "complex". At this point things have
> gotten a little difficult. Eluates from the column have shown by western
> that there is a very low yield of the target protein; moreover, when I've
> taken a small amount of the bed matrix and boiled in SDS-PAGE sample
> buffer, I get the target protein in expected amounts. Taken together I've
> interpreted this data as an indication that the elution conditions I'm
> using (0.2N Acetic acid, pH around 3.5) are not sufficient to disrupt the
> binding for long enough to get the protein off the column. I might add
> that at the point that I've affinity purified the antibody I used silver
> stained gels and ELISA assays to estimate the binding affinity (Kd) at 0.2
> nM, so it may make some sense that I'm disrupting and then rebinding as my
> protein moves down the column. I'm currently considering a reverse
> elution, as the idea here is that for a protein that binds with high
> affinity to the top lamina in a bed, the most effective elutions are
> accomplished by turning the column over and eluting in reverse. What I'm
> really looking for here is any advice that has worked in similar
> situations, along with whatever snippets of rationale that you may care to
> include. Thanks. jnbradsh at

How much buffer are you using to elute your column relative to
your column size?

How quickly are you running your column?

Have you been able to estimate a
k-off for your antigen-antibody complex?

Longer elution time and/or extensive use of elution buffer could
potentially improve your elution profile.

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