precipitating from Qiaquick

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Sun Sep 22 12:08:00 EST 1996

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@--> # I have been using Qiagens qiaquick columns for the purification of PCR
@--> products and bands form gels. Direct elution yields good quality DNA, but
@--> the concentration is a little low - I would prefer a nice high
@--> concentration stock for storage etc. Ethanol precipitation produces very
@--> low yields (as judged from EtBr gels)despite there being plenty of DNA in
@--> the eluate- is there a reason for this ?
@--> # I thought maybe carryover of chaotropic salt may effect the
@--> precipitation conditions ? but wasnt exactly ur why this shoud be. any
@--> advice/infromation would be gratefully received. thanks in advance-
@--> Richard M Badge.

Try eluting with warm dH2O or TE.


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