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Tue Sep 24 11:04:02 EST 1996

Helen Burns <H.D.Burns at> wrote:

>I'm having problems with an allergy to my disposable gloves. If any body
>has any advice on low allergenic brands or alternative solutions I would
>be very grateful if you could E.mail me- Thankyou.


Please see an allergist who is knowledgeable about latex allergy.
This is the most important piece of advice I can offer you.  

My son has a severe Type 1 hypersensitivity to latex.  You would
not believe how greatly it has affected our whole family - where
we can go, what we can do.  You do not want your problem to
progress to that point.  Do something now.  An allergist is the
only one who can determine what you're reacting to and then 
suggest to you what you should do. 

To see what's on the Internet in regard to latex allergy, please
see my Web site:

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Many of the people on the list are former healthcare
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Good luck,

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