Help needed for GST-fusion expression

Colin Rasmussen colin at
Wed Sep 25 19:48:01 EST 1996

In article <Pine.SUN.3.91.960925105529.10218A-100000 at newssun>, Jian Zhang
- Cell Bio <jzhang2 at newssun> wrote:

> Hi! everybody.  
> I am trying to express a transcription factor as a GST fusion.  The 

...tales of woe snipped... 

> I hope somebody out there can come up ideas and help me out!

My suggestion would be to try another fusion strategy.  It may be
something particular to the GST fusion of yours that is inherently
unstable or poorly expressed.  It might also be toxic to bacteria.  If
this actually is the case you might try expressing it in baculovirus or


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