Need help with "Biomed VGA" densitometer program

Wei You - Rad Oncology wyou at
Wed Sep 25 13:54:01 EST 1996

In our lab, we have a set up of video densitometer connected to the IBM-
compatible PC.  We obtained this from a company in California called 
"Biomed Instruments, Inc." for close to twenty grands in 1993.  After a 
period of idling, We wanted to utilize this setup for scanning of the 
immunoprecipitation autoradiographs.  However, after typing 'vga' (which 
is the main menu program), all it shows is "Error 75:Path/File access 
error".  After we contact the company, we were told to try run the individual
programs (like 'handscan.exe') etc.  But they either showed the same error
message or doesn't work properly.  My feeling is that some essential 
file is missing (all of the functions were designed as small compiled BASIC
codes).  Then I again check with the company for original installation 
diskettes (The whole setup was installed by the company, who, I believe, 
didn't leave the installer in our lab.  BTW, this program is protect by a 
hardware key connected to the printer port.), all they willing to offer is that we shell out couple of grands for their new software which runs under Windows 
environment.  But, clearly, this is not a option for us right now: this is a 
setup we payed twenty grand for, and we simply want the company to fix it so we can move ahead with our experiments.  Also, if I can't get any help from a 
vender only three years after we bought the instrument, how can I trust him with our money in the future?!  So, since I am now waiting for them to "find" the 
"old" program in their garage ($18,000 a piece), I feel like that I could use 
some help from the trusty Internet.  If anyone has experience with this softwarepackage (sitting on the harddrive as \biomed\vga, honestly not very high qualitysoftware you would expect from  a over ten grand instrument), please email me 
your insight on this.  If it's possible I do like to have a directory list 
because I doubt we are missing some files here.

All right, I think I should owe my deppest thanks to whoever can read my messagethis far.  Looking forward to hear from you!

Best regards,

University of Miami School of Medicine.

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