Mold on yeast plates

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Wed Sep 25 21:28:59 EST 1996

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> Greetings Earthlings,
>         I'm trying out the yeast 2-hybrid system, but I'm relatively
> inexperienced with yeast.  After yeast transformation I am incubating the
> yeast at 30 degrees in a dry incubator for about 8-10 days.
> Unfortunately, I have a pesky mold problem.  Any suggestions about how I
> might prevent this without killing the yeast?
> Thank you,

You can't since they are both fungi.  The only way to deal with this is
through good aseptic technique.  I would restreak the yeast strains out to
single colonies to make sure they aren't infected.  In addition, I would
make sure the plates are clean to begin with.  Put them in the incubator
for a few days to see if anything grows.  Finally, if you are storing your
plates in a cold room prior to use, DON'T.  Cold rooms are notorious for
breeding mold.

Hope this helps.

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