Random primed labelling trouble

Paul Ulanch Pulanch at bioch.tamu.edu
Thu Sep 26 14:04:19 EST 1996

In article <52ambt$ln6 at merkurius.lu.se>,
   Fredrik Kamme <fkhero at biogen.wblab.lu.se> wrote:
>Hi everybody,
>I've got a random primed labelling trouble:
>I'm using a DNA labelling kit with random decamers (MBI-Fermentas) that
>works fine on Qiaquick gel eluted fragments. However, when I try
>labelling a 220bp DNA piece (also gel eluted plasmid insert) I get no
>labelling. Tried it twice, but no success. Is the DNA piece too short 
>re-anneals too quick? Can there be a contamination in the gel-eluted 
>Many thanks in advance, Freddy

The primers in the kit are random decamers?  The problem may be that the 
primers are too big!  We use random hexamers from Pharmacia (I have no 
relations with that company) in our 'home-ade" kit and they work great. 
 Try smaller primers, maybe this will work with such a sshort probe.  
Good luck!

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