Random primed labelling trouble

Kimberley Snowden kcsnowden at ucdavis.edu
Thu Sep 26 17:30:35 EST 1996

"Michael W. Thompson" <mthom0 at pop.uky.edu> wrote:

>Yep... I commonly label DNA fragments 200-400 bp in length, and I use
>random hexamers instead, but I do start running into trouble with
>fragments below 250 bp sometimes.  
>	Sooner or later I have a 125-bp sequence I wish to use as a probe. Does
>anyone out there commonly use probes that small, and how do you label

You could try using PCR to label small things.  I haven't tried a
probe quite that small but PCR labeling (eg using GIBCO BRL's kit - no
affiliation) works really well - and in my hands I get much better
incorporation than I ever did with random priming.


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