Marcel Hoffmann hoffmann at
Thu Sep 26 13:59:20 EST 1996

Dear netters

I'm experiencing problems using Ilfords K5 emulsion. I'm 
trying to clone a GPCR by expression cloning and I have a 
iodinated radioligand specific for this receptor. My 
testsystem is a cloned GPCR and its cognate ligand. When I 
transfect COS7 cells with my test GPCR I get high expression 
and after incubation of the transfected cells on a microscopic 
slide I can detect the positive cells by autoradiography. 
However when I dip the very same slides in a warmed (35 
degrees) photoemulsion, expose them for the same period (two 
to three day's) and develop the slides my signal has 

Can anyone explain to me wat is happening here.
I tried different temperatures already but that doesn't work.

thanks in advance
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