PAPYRUS vs. RefMan (Windows Platform)

Lauryl Nutter lmjnutte at ACS.UCALGARY.CA
Fri Sep 27 23:04:40 EST 1996

Hi Fellow Netters,

I know that bibliographic software has been discussed before and I 
have read the latest thread (1995).  It seems to me that most of you 
use Reference Manager, EndNote and PAPYRUS.  The most positive things 
were said about RefMan for Windows and PAPYRUS.  So, I have basically 
narrowed my choices to these two.  I have also visited the homepages 
of each of these companies and about the only difference that I can 
see between the two is the price.  $99US for PAPYRUS, which includes 
import capabilities.  ~$400US for RefMan, plus add-on modules for 
import capabilities.  

I also sent e-mails to each company for a bit of clarification and 
aksing about educational discounts.  The folks at PAPYRUS (RSD) got 
back to me within the hour and I still have not heard from the folks 
at RefMan (two days later).  This does not bode well for prompt 
replies from RefMan for technical support.  However, maybe PAPYRUS is 
just more anxious to sell to me?

So my question is, what do people think of these two programs?  Can 
anyone with experience on both compare them for me?  How is the 
technical support for the program that you happen to use?  Any 
comments would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for your help.

Lauryl Nutter
Dept. Biological Sciences
University of Calgary
lmjnutte at

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