J Grimbergen JM.GRIMBERGEN at
Fri Sep 27 05:23:32 EST 1996

Hello fellow ligaters (or should I say non ligaters?)

As happy as we are with the few colonies we get after every cloning 
experiment, it still makes us wonder how some (or most?) people are 
able to produce ligation efficiencies which are clearly visable on 
ordinary agarose gels. Somehow we are not able to visualize our 
circular ligation products on gel, or to completely religate common 
We commonly use Qiagen products to purify our dna fragments from 
either restrictionbuffers or from gels. Although there have been 
many discussions on the net about this topic, I wonder if there is
anyone out there who likes to share her or his thoughts, with 
possibly new insights about this subject, with us? 

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