hybaid: useless machines

Bill Burnett bbur at wpo.nerc.ac.uk
Mon Sep 30 03:48:26 EST 1996

dna at vt.edu (dna) wrote:

> We've got one here.  It has it's problems (especially low yield)
>One thing that's EXTREMELY critical is the amount of oil the the probe 
>tube matches the reaction volume + oil in the reaction tubes.

That's interesting... Does your cycler have "simulated tube control" and 
does that work better than the thermistor tube?  Mine doesn't... ;o)
I'm working with difficult templates from nasty slimy invertebrates (hah 
- mammal people don't know they're born...) so I'm always wary of blaming 
the machine, but I've been struggling with low yields for months... so 
maybe I'll rethink and swear at it more.

Interestingly enough it cycle sequences just fine, during which I run it 
on block control.  Maybe tube control is just so much ornamentation... 
look at what happened to the ammonites....  :o)

>We had a lot of headaches until we figured that one out.
>John R. McQuiston

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