dissolving RNA

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bucci001 at maroon.tc.umn.edu (Paul A Bucciaglia)
>I missed the original post and did not catch which organism >the RNA is being extracted from, but at least with plants 
>another alternative exists besides over-drying the pellet-->the RNA is contaminated with phenolics and carbohydrates. 
>And not just contaminated; often they are covalently linked >to the nucleic acids. There are publisshed protocols which >can overcome this; if anyone is interested I'll post them.

I guess I am lucky.  I routinely speed vac dry my RNA pellet and have no
problem in redissolving it in DEPC treated distilled water (warmed to 65
degrees C).  My source is barley endopsperms that is full of starch!  I
never hurry through my RNA prep, meaning I pay attention to every minute
detail in the protocol.  Otherwise I get too much of starch

On the other hand I never speed vac dry my DNA.  I dry them by inverting
the eppendorf tube and letting it stand at R.T. for 5 minutes.
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