Green Fluorescent Protein chimera?

D.J. van der Horst D.J.vanderHorst at
Thu Apr 3 08:15:55 EST 1997


I was wondering to what extend it might be possible to mess up green
fluorescent protein without losing  any fluorescence or at least
having enough signal left to monitor. Is it for example possible to
integrate a linker region in the protein? If so, what is the maximal
length of this region and what is the position where it can be
integrated? Is it possible to make a chimera with a different protein
by extending the protein at either the amino or carboxyl terminus with
the protein of interest? 

 Please let me know if you have any answers on the above mentioned
questions or suggestions for alternate startiegies to use GFP as an
epitope tag by generating protein chimera.

Replies preferable by e-mail.


Nico Dantuma 

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