sequencing problems w/ ALF II automated sequencer

Gizbab gizbab at
Thu Apr 3 21:15:49 EST 1997


Thanks for your response. In response, I've never had problems with
sequencing the "old fashioned" manual radiolabelled way, and ~95% of the
time get a good and clean sequence. This is also true for these samples.
What my group is trying to do is convert, at least partially, to a
non-radioactive method. Silver staining never really worked, and was
simply too expensive ... might as well go with the radioactive methods
instead of going down that route. It just seems that I get peaks that vary
in height within each run, and different results from the same sample, run
in one (!) tube, when run in different 4 lane groups on the ALF. 

Do you run samples on an ALF? What has your experience been with the

Hope to hear from you soon!

Ron Przygodzki, MD
gizbab at

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