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>Can someone point me to a reference(any form) for a good
>discussion of the idea/theory behind SSCP? A protocol(generic) 
>will be helpful too!!
For a review of techniques (a few years old now though) see:
Prosser,J (1993) Detecting single base mutations. TIBTECH, 11:238-246.

More up to date, but without references is:
Forrest,S.,Cotton,R.,Landegren,U. and Southern,E. (1995) How to find all
those mutations. Nat. Genet. 10:375-376

Specifically on SSCP:
Sheffield, Val C. et al (1993) The sensitivity of Single-Strand
Conformation Polymorphism Analysis for the detection of single base
substitutions. Genomics, 16: 325-332

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