Labelling -COOH groups with fluorosceinyl-Gly-amide: help!

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<Question posted by Lloyd Graham on behalf of Lyn Schedlich>

Does anyone have details of reaction conditions suitable for labelling the
surface carboxylic acids of a protein with fluoresceinyl glycine amide in
the presence of EDAC and NHSS? The reaction is apparently done under
aqueous conditions, but the manufacturers supply the reagents without any
hints as to buffers, pH, concentrations, reaction time, etc., and
(incredibly) the literature references they cite don't supply this vital
information either.



Lynette Schedlich
Kolling Institute of Medical Research
RNSH, St Leonards 2065, NSW, Australia
Phone No 61 2 99268486; Fax No 61 2 99268484

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