XL-1 Blue woes

Jean-Karim Hériché J-K at borgne.ceng.cea.fr
Tue Apr 8 06:07:33 EST 1997

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> On Mon, 7 Apr 1997, Mike Chao wrote:
> > Recently I tried to subclone a piece of DNA using Stratagene XL-1 Blue
> > transformants, I got strange, inexplicable restriction digest patterns: for
> (message shortened)
> > 
> > Has anyone had similar difficulties with XL-1 Blue cells, and has anyone an
> > explantion for this phenomenon?
> > 
> > 
> Mike,
> I have had problems cloning and sub-cloning in pbluescript plasmids using
> XL-1 Blue cells, including many strange re-arrangements/deletions, etc. 
> I'm sorry to say that I have no explanation to offer.
> Shelley Cole
> SW Foundation for Biomedical Research
> San Antonio, TX

I too had trouble cloning in XL1-blue. I used a strain that had been
passed around in several labs in the building. Everything went well when I
grew the bugs from a recently purchased stock. I suspect that the strain
tends to derive thus causing the problems. I also know of a few people
having the same trouble with the DH5 strain that is circulating here. At
least for one case was the problem solved by cloning in my fresh XL1-blue.
Hope this helps.


J-K at borgne.ceng.cea.fr

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