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Mark Blight BLIGHT at igmors.u-psud.fr
Tue Apr 8 03:26:07 EST 1997

Dear All,

I am trying out a method of SSCP mutation mapping that uses 
direct ethidium bromide staining of ssDNA from PCR fragments 
following denaturation and migration in a renaturing TBE gel 
(Hongyo et al., 1993. Nucl.Acid.Res. 21(16): 3637-3642. The 
trick to getting efficient denaturation of sufficient DNA to 
stain requires the use of METHYLMERCURY HYDROXIDE.

Does anyone know of a supplier in FRANCE? I've checked 
Sigma, Aldrich, Janssen, ICN & Kodak and can't find any.

Otherwise, if anyone has a better SSCP technique that is as 
simple as staining the gels afterwards I'd be glad to hear 
about it.

Thanks in advance.


PS I'd prefer replies by e-mail please.
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