Electron microscopy of lymphocytic cell lines

Tue Apr 8 10:06:28 EST 1997

Hello there, are there any specialists on
electron microscopy out there?

I am interested in doing some electron
microscopy on lymphocytic suspension cell
lines.  More specifically, our lab has just
cloned a protein that we believe is involved
in RNA metabolism.  We developed a peptide
antiserum that recognizes the protein in
western, IP, and cytoplasmic
immunofluorescence.  I am now interested in
localizing the protein inside the cell via
electron microscopy.

My specific questions are: 1.)  How do you
fix suspension cell lines for electron
microscopy before they can be embedded? and
2.)  Could anyone let me know where to find
good references for electron microscopy?
("The library" is not a good answer for this
last question, I would like some more
specific information).

Anyway, thank you very much for your time to
read the message and for any information you
can send me.  Please remember that any info
would help, since I am more or less an
electron microscopy illiterate.

Thank you very much.


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