Jellyfish DNA isolation

David A. Bloom dbloom at
Tue Apr 8 15:00:03 EST 1997

I have been trying to isolate genomic DNA from a local jellyfish without
any real success.  The only bands i get upon ethidium bromide staining of 
agarose gels have a lenghtof ~100-250 bp. I have tried both fresh and
lyophilized samples, bell and gonad material.  Methods used include
ohenol:chloroform, phenol:chloroform with CTAB to reduce mucous problems,
and commercial prep kits.  
It has been suggested that possibly the jellyfish's venom which contains a
DNAse is responsible but this seems unlikely
Does anyone have any suggestions of other methods or reagents to try for
this isolation?

any and all suggestions greatly taken

thank you,
David Bloom
U. Maryland @ Baltimore
dbloom at

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