PA gel fixation - magic in protocols

Zbigniew Rudzki rudzki at
Tue Apr 8 16:11:04 EST 1997

Jacqui Whiteway wrote:
> M.R. Tock (BGYMRT at wrote:
> > The question is this ; when fixing gels with acetic acid &
> > methanol, what is happening ?
> Good question, I've wondered myself as most people in our lab don't fix
> the gel, while some others do -- no difference in gel.  

Check BioTechniques (1994) 16, p224-225 : apparently it is not necessary to fix the 
polyacrylamide sequencing gels. I have a deep suspition that a lot of steps in well 
recognized methods belong to the area of pure sorcery (any other examples ?)
But being a lazy conformist I usually follow the protocols.

while fixing the gel :)

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