Graphing softare...any good standard curve prgms?

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> Lou Cantolupo (CANTOLUPO at GENVEC.COM) wrote:
> : I'm looking for a commercially available/shareware/ANY program that
> : will allow me to enter data into it, draw a standard curve, and then
> : input new data and have it compared against the curve.  Believe it 
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If you have access to a mac, cricket graph is very nice.  Easy to use and
powerful.  Kaleidagraph is preferred by some.  Deltagraph is the
penultimate graphing tool, but sounds to be more than you need.  Even if
you can get it to work, excel really sucks at graphing.  You could pick-up
sigmaplot if you are a PC-type.  Lastly, many people prefer IGOR, but it's
tough to use.

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