Graphing softare...any good standard curve prgms?

Klaus Salger salger at
Thu Apr 10 13:46:47 EST 1997

Lou Cantolupo (CANTOLUPO at GENVEC.COM) wrote:
: I'm looking for a commercially available/shareware/ANY program that
: will allow me to enter data into it, draw a standard curve, and then
: input new data and have it compared against the curve.  Believe it 


I think Excel is able to do what you want. If your standard curve is linear
you can use the in-built regression formulas otherwise you can use solver to
fit a curve to your standard data (e.g. a polynom). Once the sheet is set up
properly you just need to enter your data and have the calculations done
automatically. If you are interested I would send you one of my spreadsheets
as a primer.


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