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> I have been carrying out Northern blots for the last six months and the
> lab tech here has been doing them for 2 or 3 years.  Things up until now
> were fine but in the last month or so we have been producing blots that
> are literally half black (full of radioactivity) and half normal. For
> example, today I developed a membrane from a large gel.  The bottom lanes
> were perfect but the top half was simply black.  It was impossible to even
> determine where the lanes were. This is why it is so puzzling.  We are

Description of hybridization conditions omitted..


     I have seen exactly this before on a Southern blot when I had reused
the electrophoresis tray buffer. The DNA migrates into the the top of the
gel uniformly across the entire gel. If you haven't reused the buffer in
your case, I might suspect that the apparatus is somehow contaminated with
plasmid DNA. Trying cleaning everything thoroughly and making fresh buffer.

     Hope this helps, and good luck,

          Pam Norton

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