gel sticking anomoly

Sun Apr 13 01:22:01 EST 1997

Really? Could you tell me how you treat the X-ray film or just use it. I want to 
clean the X-ray film before use(get rid of the emulsion from both side of the 
film). Do you think it will work?


On 12 Apr 1997, gizbab at (Gizbab) wrote:
>For your interest, I've been pulling up gels off of plates (when I realize
>that I've run out of Watmann paper) with an old x-ray gel placed over the
>acrylamide gel. It pulls off w/o any problem. I don't dry my gels, rather,
>I place celophane wrap over the whole thing, place it in a cassette, and
>put the x-ray film that will be exposed over it. I then place the cassette
>in a -70 freezer, and get really good results with overnoght exposure.
>My gut feeling is that the plates that you are using aren't really cleaned
>too well, and that residue may be the culprit in the whole thing!
>Good luck..
>Ron Przygodzki, MD
>AFIP - Cellular Pathology
>gizbab at

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