Graphing softare...any good standard curve prgms?

Marieke R. Koedood Zhao rkoedood at
Sat Apr 12 11:20:14 EST 1997

We just bought Biorad's phophosimager and geldoc, and their software
allows us to make standard curves and read our datapoint from there.

Maybe you could ask them to sell you the software?


Wolfgang Schechinger (wgschech at wrote:
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: Hi. 

: If you have access to SIGMAPLOT V4 or later, you should have no 
: problems in getting a fit to your data.

: Excel should be able to do a linear regression on a set of data. It 
: was at least in version 4 VERY bad documented (make use of INDEX() 
: command to access the appropriate values given back by the 
: statistical functions). Sorry, it's too much back in time, I can't 
: remember exactly how I did this. 
: Maybe you're lucky searching for a macro on ftp-servers (SIMTEL or 
: CICA mirrors. e.g. at 

:  somewhere in 

: /windows/excel 

: or like that.

: Good luck!

: Wolfgang

: > I'm looking for a commercially available/shareware/ANY program that
: > will allow me to enter data into it, draw a standard curve, and then
: > input new data and have it compared against the curve.  Believe it
: > or not, I can't find a way to make Excel 6.0, Cricket Graph, or
: > Kaleidagraph do this.  The native software for our ELISA plate
: > reader, DeltaSoft, does it but you can't input your own curve data. 
: > As it is, I'm stuck making my standard curve, finding the equation,
: > and then taking the equation into Excel and calculating my data.
: > 
: > It amazes me that Excel can't do this simple, what would seem to be
: > fairly routine operation of separating two data sets.  Or do I just
: > not know how to do it?  True, I could create a macro, but that's
: > ridiculous.  I should be able to make a column of data for my
: > standard curve, and then another for data I want to calculate off of
: > that curve.
: > 
: > Thanx in advance!
: > 
: > Lou Cantolupo
: > GenVec, Inc.
: > Rockville, MD USA
: > 
: > 
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