protein expression systems

Lynn Hughes Lynn.Hughes at
Sun Apr 13 23:27:09 EST 1997

Hi all, I am just wanting some opinions on the different prokaryotic 
expression systems available.  I am attempting to express proteins 
(100 kDa) for use as a vaccine and basis of an ELISA.  For one of the 
proteins I have I do not have the DNA for the entire open reading 
frame, whilst the for the other I do. I have looked into the vectors 
used for expressing with a His tag, and the GST gene fusion vectors.  
I am wandering if anyone could tell me which of these would be more 
appropriate for my needs, or what particulars of the vectors I need to 
consider when making my choice.

Thanks for your help.

Lynn Hughes
Dept of Microbiology and Immunology
James Cook University

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