Pipettor opinions

Bruce W. Ritchings britchings at ucsd.edu
Mon Apr 14 11:51:29 EST 1997

Hi Francis,
	While the Gilson pipetman are certainly good pipetters, there is
(finally) another company making a product at least as good (and better
in some regards) but cheaper. The product is called the Onepette
(spelling?) from Corning/Costar. You have to get used to the Vernier
(sp?) scale, but I found that very easy to do. The advantages of the
Onepette are as follows:
1) extremely durable, even moreso than Gilsons.
2) Vernier scale allows you to go from top of scale to bottom in no more
than two seconds---it's just a whiz of the barrel. In other words, you
can readjust your pipet from 20 to 200 ul or from 200 to 1000 ul in
(probably less than) two seconds! Try THAT on your Gilsons!
3) no need to pay for repairs or calibration,  because you can do both
4) barrel locks with the flick of your thumb. 
5) they're cheaper than Gilsons.

Hope this helps. Bruce W. Ritchings, UC San Diego

p.s. The company gave me a couple of these pipets to try for free, but
other than that I have no association with Corning/Costar. I just like
it when people take the time to engineer something well.

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