Graphing softare...any good standard curve prgms?

Dima Klenchin klenchin at
Mon Apr 14 09:45:17 EST 1997

In article <5iocnu$hfd at>, rkoedood at (Marieke R. Koedood Zhao) wrote:
#We just bought Biorad's phophosimager and geldoc, and their software
#allows us to make standard curves and read our datapoint from there.
#Maybe you could ask them to sell you the software?

AFAIK it is not sold w/o machine (it also requires dongle to run...) and IMO 
it makes very little sense to buy it w/o machine - there are better imaging
progs that are free. 

Back to the original Q:

#: > I'm looking for a commercially available/shareware/ANY program that
#: > will allow me to enter data into it, draw a standard curve, and then
#: > input new data and have it compared against the curve.  Believe it
#: > or not, I can't find a way to make Excel 6.0, Cricket Graph, or
#: > Kaleidagraph do this.  The native software for our ELISA plate
#: > reader, DeltaSoft, does it but you can't input your own curve data. 
#: > As it is, I'm stuck making my standard curve, finding the equation,
#: > and then taking the equation into Excel and calculating my data.

Microcal's Origin does just this _automatically_. 

Of course, one certainly can write macro to automate the same thing in Excel. 


- Dima

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